INCITIAS Events Wrap up 2023

Amanda Johnson

At INCITIAS, we firmly believe a thriving corporate culture is the bedrock of our success. The events, collaborations and celebrations of 2023 were opportunities for merriment and to strengthen our bonds, foster innovation and reaffirm our commitment to engineering excellence.

In this article, we celebrate the gatherings, collaborative endeavours and moments of joy which have defined our corporate culture throughout the year. Along with some of the key events we attended, presented and participated in.

8th Business Birthday

Our year started with a commemoration of our 8th Business anniversary, INCITIAS hosted a morning tea celebration, marking the significant milestone in our journey.  A highlight of the celebration were the delicious cupcakes with the INCITIAS logo and served in the numeral “8”. The treats served as a tangible representation of our journey, symbolizing the achievements and growth we’ve experienced thus far and the promise of a dynamic future.

Beyond the culinary delights, our morning tea event served as an opportunity to reflect on the notable milestones and achievements accumulated during our eight years in the Energy industry. It was a moment to acknowledge the challenges surmounted, the innovative projects undertaken and the spirit of collaboration which propels us forward. 

Welcome to the Team

INCITIAS expanded our team with the addition of Nakhesh, Paige, and Giam in 2023. Their expertise and dedication align seamlessly with our commitment to engineering excellence. Furthermore, as part of our continuous growth, we are recruiting for roles based in our Singapore and Melbourne offices. Should you wish to speak about the opportunities to work in our teams, please contact us here.  These strategic developments reaffirm our commitment to delivering top tier solutions and fostering a talented, dynamic workforce to meet the evolving needs of our clients and projects. 

The 2023 Australian and Victorian Exporter of the Year Awards

INCITIAS was proud to attend and have won a Victorian Exporter of the Year award in Professional Services in October. Attending the award presentation at the Victorian Government house were Holger Kelle, Bastiaan Scheepers and Amanda Johnson to capture the win and presentation. INCITIAS celebrated the achievement with the extended team the next day at a special morning tea and impromptu speeches of thanks. Two of our staff were also invited to attend the 61st Australian Exporter of the Year award ceremony at Parliament House in Canberra. Unfortunately, we didn’t take home the Australian award but had the opportunity to network and strengthen connections with other exporters and discuss potential future collaborations.

Training with CapGrow

INCITIAS provided several techno-commercial training courses on behalf of CapGrow, a well-established Training Services Provider. Addressing the challenges related to decommissioning of Floating Production Units.

FSRU Asia Summit 2023

In May, Holger Kelle participated in the FSRU Asia Summit held in Singapore. He shared valuable insights on current and prospective FSRU deployment locations and explored advancements in FSRU technology, particularly focusing on digitalization and automation tools, during his session titled ‘Market-watch: Trends in FSRU requirements, technology, and deployments.’


David Lowther and Giam Hung Loong attended Gastech 2023, a global event setting the stage for the future of energy. Exploring the latest innovations and solutions for the natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, low carbon solutions, and climate technologies sectors.

Networking with industry leaders and experts, shaping our energy transition journey

staff celebrations and events

We have also celebrated personal birthday milestones, key project milestones and social gatherings. We also had introduction to staff member’s heritage and important cultural celebrations, along with our monthly morning tea gatherings.

Holiday Festivities: Spreading Joy and Unity

Finally, as INCITIAS had several projects being delivered internationally during the December period. We started the holiday season celebrations early to enable to share in our successes. This year’s early Christmas party was a lovely opportunity to celebrate our successes for the year, with our entire team and partners. We were fortunate to have our Singapore team in Melbourne and available for the event.


As we look ahead to the challenges and opportunities of the future, we do so with pride in all we have achieved together.

For more information please contact: Bastiaan Scheepers

Engineering Services

INCITIAS Services and Original Products are supported by in-house team of engineers and designers:

  • Naval architects
  • Process engineers
  • Mechanical and Marine engineers
  • Safety and risk engineers
  • Structural and civil engineers
  • Electrical and instrumentation engineers
  • Subsea engineers
  • Construction supervisors

Naval Architecture services:

  • Hydrodynamic analysis
  • Hydrostatic analysis
  • Offshore and nearshore mooring systems design 
  • Design in accordance with IMO and class requirements

Process Engineering services:

  • Cryogenic system engineering for LNG, ethane, LPG, and hydrogen
  • Chemical engineering for olefins, biodiesel, and chemical bulk handling
  • Natural gas networks
  • Fuel systems
  • Jetty topsides for conventional oil and LNG
  • FPSO topsides design
  • Process system commissioning

Mechanical and Marine Engineering services:

  • Original equipment and machinery design
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic system design
  • Cryogenic pressure vessel design
  • Piping systems design
  • Package engineering
  • Marine systems integrations
  • Cargo and ballast systems, HVAC, and cooling propulsion solutions

Safety and Risk Engineering services:

  • Explosion studies
  • Gas dispersion studies
  • Cooling water dispersion studies
  • QRA, HAZOP and HAZID coordination

Structural Engineering services:

  • Marine and offshore structure design
  • Structure life extension
  • Fatigue studies
  • Asset integrity

Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering services:

  • Load lists
  • Shore-to-ship power connections
  • Power system design
  • LV and MV engineering
  • Subsea electrical systems engineering
  • Process and machinery instrumentation design

Subsea Engineering services:

  • ROV operations engineering
  • Subsea intervention engineering
  • Subsea pipeline system design
  • Flexible flowline and umbilical design

FPSO External Riser turret mooring

Mooring Handling LIFTING BEAM GENERAL ASSEMBLY Original Equipment

Hose Reel 3D hybrid render

FPSO Bow Extension 3D modelling

FPSO Decommissioning

Our clients find our experience invaluable during FPSO decommissioning planning and execution, using the INCITIAS teams’ ability to assess the most suitable strategy, based on the project and local authority’s requirements. Our team has extensive experience in the design and installation of FPSO mooring systems, risers and umbilicals.


We can support the client decommissioning plan with the following services:


  • Decommissioning option selection study and recommendation
  • Cost estimate and assessment of cost escalation
  • Contracting strategy options selection and recommendation
  • Integrated owner engineering team
  • Original equipment to unlock value in the decommissioning plan
  • Project management of decommissioning team and sub-contractor


Examples of typical deliverables for FPSO Decommissioning are:


  • Execution plan and cost estimation
  • Riser, umbilical and mooring disconnection analysis
  • Vessel spread selection and market enquiry
  • Decommissioning story board, tools and resource lists 
  • Design and build of original equipment 
  • ROV campaign support
  • Decommissioning schedule and procedure
  • Request for quotation, bid assessment and recommendation 

Single Point Mooring system

Turret Mooring

Independent Verification Design

Working together with INCITIAS, clients can obtain objective evidence of asset compliance with project requirements.

With our independent verification design process, INCITIAS applies an efficient risk-based assessment method to prioritise critical elements of the asset.


An INCITIAS comprehensive review can include:


  • Desktop review of design documents
  • Review of HAZID, EIA and QRA findings
  • Risk ranking of asset elements
  • Preparation of review plan
  • Client approval of review plan
  • Execute review plan, including on-site performance verification
  • Issue of certification certificate

We work together with our clients to ensure the appropriate level of review is carried out.

Operations & Maintenance Support

INCITIAS combines our Engineering expertise with real world Operations and Maintenance experience.  We support our clients with O&M development and management activities including:


  • Enterprise management system development
  • Organisation structure development and evaluation
  • Systems and procedures development and review, including detailed procedures, permits and work systems
  • Emergency response systems
  • Defining specific port operations requirements
  • Operation and maintenance training and competency assessment
  • Commissioning activities

Integrated Owner’s Engineering Services

We support Owners with engineering, technical, and project management expertise across LNG, marine, and vessel conversion projects. Our clients can minimise risk and maximise opportunities earlier in project execution, with INCITIAS Owner’s engineering services. 


INCITIAS can provide integrated owner’s engineering services for onshore and offshore projects from a client office, site location or remotely from our offices in Melbourne. 


Typical services are:


  • Design and construction management
  • Customised risk management solutions
  • Specialist LNG process and marine engineering
  • Budget implementation, scheduling, and cost control
  • Non-permanent on-site dedicated offices for project



Indicative deliverables are:


  • Technical document reviews
  • Project bankability documents 
  • Basis of design
  • Functional performance specification
  • Resource plan and project schedule
  • Request for quotation and technical bid evaluation
  • Participation in HAZID, HAZOP, QRA, design reviews
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests) certification
  • Work packs for installation contractor

We can be as involved as you require. From specialist resources who consultant on specific aspects of your project, to the provision of a fully integrated Owners team. 

At INCITIAS we develop tailor-made delivery solutions to match your project’s execution strategy and risk profile. Offering a full range of alternative delivery methods enables us to deliver the most effective project outcomes for you.

CLP Jetty Installation during the daytime

Advisory Services

INCITIAS offers integrated technical and commercial advisory services to assist clients advance their projects and provide support for their decision-making process. Clients can reduce risk and maximise opportunities by accessing our team of advisory specialists’ wealth of experience.


Typical advisory services are:


  • Technology assessment and selection. 
  • Commercial risk assessment.
  • Pre-feasibility, feasibility, and pre-FEED and FEED studies.
  • Contract review against the project technical performance.
  • Independent review of project execution plan.

INCITIAS techno-commercial advisory services aligns commercial drivers with feasible and proven technical solutions. Our team’s experience includes facility selection, financial assessment, contracting strategies, construction management and project operations. Assisting clients meet their business objectives using our capabilities to provide insights and solutions. 


Indicative deliverables are:


  • Site selection study
  • Environmental pre-assessment 
  • Technology options, recommendations and definition
  • Review of contract commitment against the facility performance
  • CAPEX and OPEX estimates
  • Financial models, NPV calculation, tolling model, and sensitivity assessment 
  • Project bankability document pack
  • Probabilistic models combining queueing and Monte Carlo assessment for logistic studies
  • HAZID, HAZOP, QRA and project risk assessment 
  • Operations and training requirements definition